You are, no doubt, aware of airplanes, jet airliners, hitting birds in flight.  Most have no effect on the aircraft in flight and end up being just Darwinism at work.  However, some strikes can have dramatic effects on the planes and the passengers inside.

The most spectacular recent incident you may recall was when US Airways Flight 1549 was taking off from LaGuardia when it ran through a flock of geese.  That aircraft lost power and was successfully landed in the Hudson River by pilot Chesley B. Sullenburger III.

Today I ran across a story of a plane landing in Charlotte, NC that hit a herd of deer!  ABC News is reporting that the plane “plowed through” a herd of deer shortly after landing.  Sounds like the plane had landed and was braking when they encountered the herd.  There were no injuries but, at least one deer was entangled in the right main landing gear.

I can’t find any pictures of the aftermath but here are some pictures of planes that have encountered birds.

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