Here’s the story out of San Leon, Texas.  San Leon is a sleepy little fishing community on the south side of Galveston Bay.  The newspaper there, Sea Breeze, published this story recently.  San Luis pass is on the west side of Galveston Island and is known as a very good fishing spot including flounder gigging.

Man with two hogs that attacked him while flounder gigging.

Local man in night-time attack by wild boars at San Luis Pass:

A.C. Adams was flounder gigging on the back side of San Luis Pass last week with his cousin. His cousin had gone to the truck to drink more beer as it was a slow night of gigging. A.C. was approximately 100 yards from shore when he heard some loud splashing coming towards him. He said it was very unnerving because it was so dark outside of the lanterns’ perimeter. All at once two large vicious hogs in approximately 16 inches of water started attacking him. He immediately lashed out with his flounder gig and started stabbing a hog. As it made a piercing scream in anger and agony, the second hog cut him in the leg with his tusk while biting him. A.C. screamed for help toward the bank at his cousin who never responded. A.C. then turned with the gig stabbing the second hog and the fight was on. One hog knocked him down to his knees and bit him on the forearm. A.C. told me, “At first I could not believe this was happening and then I thought these hogs were going to kill me.” He got back up stabbing at the hogs over and over as they were snapping at him. Finally, one hog went down and lay in the water squealing. That left him one on one with the larger hog.  The big boar would not give up and the fight lasted for two to three more minutes with Mr. Adam’s stabbing the hog twenty-five to thirty more times before it went down. He limped back to the truck and got his pistol. He woke up his drunken cousin who had passed out in the truck and they waded back out with the intention of finishing off both hogs. When they got back out there the hogs were dead. They tied ropes to the hogs and dragged them up to the bank. They got the hogs loaded into the back of the truck and stopped by the hospital where A.C. Adams received twenty-one stitches in his left leg, eight stitches in his right leg, six stitches on his forearm and a tetanus shot. Here is a picture of A.C. Adams with his two hogs that he gigged while floundering in West Bay.

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