This buck was found dead in Southern MI, near Clinton in the area of M-52

The buck was found dead by a lady while walking her dog. She called a friend to come and get it out of there before it would start stinking. She did not even notice whether it was a buck or doe. Just wanted it away from her yard.

A friend shows up and is blown away (obviously). The friend does the right thing and calls other people and a police officer to obtain the proper tag to possess a picked up deer.

Cause of death is unknown, carcass was tore up pretty bad by animals.

Apparently it had been there a while. However, it was only a short distance from the closest road.

This guy obviously knew what he had and took it to the Sheets Brothers of Saline one of them is a B&C scorer. Gross green scores are 253″-258″, that will make this the new state record for Michigan.

Boone and Crockett does recognize picked up deer as records (see Missouri record/all time record).

The most amazing measurement I’ve heard so far is 29 1/2″ inside spread!

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